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Our spotless 5000 square foot facility is located in the Bay Ridge/Dyker Heights area. We cater to all dogs. Communal and private options available.

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My dogs are friendly, but have had some bad experiences boarding in the past. Chasing Tails met our dogs needs completely.  It’s clean and maintained very well.  The staff is really amazing. Everyone is friendly, welcoming, not only to the dog owner, but most importantly to the dog. Matt, the facility owner, literally knows every single dog by name and will get on the floor and greet your dog with hugs and kisses as soon as you walk in. The second we get in the door, my dogs totally forget I am even there! Even if the staff didn’t make us comfortable, the space is HUGE.  I am worrier and I can honestly say that I feel totally at ease when my dogs are at Chasing Tails. They have been there many times already, including the opening night and they really have a blast. They come home happy and sleepy and what’s better than that!?

I was a bit nervous leaving my girl at Chasing Tails as she’d never been to daycare before.  From the moment I stepped in the door the staff were welcoming, showed that they new how to handle an unfamiliar dog, asked all the right questions about her quirks and made both of us feel really relaxed. The space is really well layed out, bright and clean, unlike other places I’d checked out.
Although my girl was really glad to see me when I went to collect her it was obvious she’d had a good time. The second time she went I also had their groomer give her a medicated bath to help her allergies. This is never an easy task as she HATES being in the tub that long.  She apparently did really well (only whined a couple of times) which shows how well the groomer handled her. The blowout was great and the groomer had even taken the initiative to trim around her eyes.
We will be frequent visitors 🙂

Matt has taken care of our bulldog Winston for over two years now and has done a truly exceptional job.  Winston loves going to Chasing Tails and we always feel secure knowing that he is going to a place where he is looked after and actually played with throughout the day.  We really appreciate the little details like posting pictures of Winston and the other dogs on Facebook so we can check in on the little guy while we are away.  This probably doesn’t do them justice, but we honestly can’t recommend Matt and his team at Chasing Tails enough.

It doesn’t get any better!!! The friendly knowledgeable staff, the spacious runs, the bright clean facility I can’t say enough. I had only boarded my current boy Mugsy once before and was not thrilled about what I came back to, so when I had board him again and went to see the facility for the first time my mind was put at ease immediately from the feel of the facility talking to the staff and owner Matt. The first day spent there Mugsy came back a very happy boy. The week he spent while I was away was great experience for him in socializing and he even spent time playing with another dog which before spending time there he would not do. Thank You Chasing Tails and keep up the excellent work!!!!!

I have not used a boarding place for my pups before but was not going to be home and didn’t want to leave my babies alone for 14 hours.  After doing some research and watching their videos on facebook, I decided that Chasing Tails would be the perfect place for my pups.  I’m so glad I did!  Lucy and Ryder had a blast at daycare, as soon as I got them in the car they passed out within 5 minutes they were so tired!  They got to play with other dogs and received loving attention from Matt and his crew.  There is ample space for them to run around and even a park across the street for exercise on a sunny day.  The moment I walked in I knew I had picked the right place.  While I don’t live in Brooklyn I will be sure to use them again when we’re back and if I have to board them over night, Chasing Tails will be their home away from home.  Thank you guys for taking such great care of my pups!!

This is the best dog boarding place I’ve used in a long time.  I have used several different boarding places over the years (from Vets offices to PetSmart) and they are all run of the mill put the dog in a cage all day and take them for a walk 2-3 times a day that’s it.  Chasing tails cares from the moment you met the staff and the owner Matt you realize these people love dogs and want to provide them the most comfortable environment.  There is a huge amount of space for the dogs to play in and socialize with each other.  The dogs even sleep in a common area unless you want your dog to have a private “suite” which is available also.  There is an overnight staff so you know that your dog is always being watched and cared for.

One of the best examples was when I was on a trip for three days and we left our 14 month English bulldog there.  My wife called to see how things were going and Matt told us that our dog was having a great time; and infact he had to be put aside for a little bit because he was getting too excited and was tired.  They understand dogs and their breed needs.  I will definitely be going back and I implore you to use this facility as well.

My two dogs, love it there! They come home so tired and relaxed. What a great environment for dogs AND staff. Definitely will be going back on a weekly basis. Stop in and see how beautifully it’s set up and how nice all the staff are. Highly recommended.

It is NY State law that your dog is properly vaccinated at all times. 

We require proof of the following:
Rabies – 1 or 3 year
Distemper – 1 or 3 year
Bordatella – Semi-annual (every 6 months).

Bordatella is the kennel cough immunization and is not a part of all veterinarians’ annual vaccinations package. You may need to ask your vet for the Bordatella vaccination. Please do not assume your dog has had this shot. NY State law requires it every 6 months.

Vaccination Requirements

We need to have up to date vaccination records on file AT ALL TIMES. Dogs without proper proof of vaccinations will be turned away.


911 66th Street
Brooklyn, New York, 11219

Opening hours Monday - friday: from 7:00 AM till 9:00 PM SATURDAY: from 7:00 AM till 7:00 PM SUNDAY: from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM Contact info Phone: 718.333.5580 Fax: 718.228.8639